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Şahsuvaroğlu Group

The Şahsuvaroğlu Group succeeded numerous achievements in the automotive sector and has been operating in two sectors: in the automotive industry since 1966 and in the field of construction since 2007.


The Şahsuvaroğlu Group started its activities in 1966 with the sale of tractors and spare parts in Erzurum. It assumed the dealership of various brands in many locations, especially in Erzurum and Istanbul until the (early/late/mid) 2000s.

During this period, the Şahsuvaroğlu Group was generally at the top or in top three in the ranking of dealer sales-numbers of all the brands they represented. During this period and until 2000, it accelerated the sale of the brands that it represented by adding value and offering the first roadside assistance, first interactive service and first desk loans in Turkey.

After all the experiences, achievements, innovative works that it has done and the value it added to the brands they represent, the Şahsuvaroğlu Group decided to start the Turkey distributorship of the South Korean brand SsangYong in 2007. Since 2016, the Şahsuvaroğlu Grou also started the Turkey distributorship of the DFSK brand, a subsidiary of Sokon Group, one of China’s automotive giants.


The Şahsuvaroğlu Group has realized its YMY Plaza investments since 2007, and as of 2016 it has taken one step closer to make the first investment in the housing sector by founding the Tuzla Ambiyans Project.

The Şahsuvaroğlu Group’s secrets for success are its customer-oriented employees and high quality products, the 100% availability of spare parts, its competitive prices and the network of dealers, all walking shoulder to shoulder towards the same goal: “UNCONDITIONAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION”.

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